There are so many fascinating places in the world! I want to see as much of it as I can, and thanks to scholarships and jobs abroad, I'm off to a pretty good start. On this page you can see a list of countries and states I've visited, and for some, links to stories and albums about my adventures. (I especially recommend Australia and Expo 2005 in Japan for lots of fun photographs and stories.) I also have two special travel "collections." Check them out below!

Travel Collections
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United States of America

The country where I was born and whose passport I hold. Three cheers for the USA!


My first trip abroad was when I was less than a year old, and it's so close that my local recreational soccer team played afternoon games there and then went home for dinner.


I first went with my family in 1993 to visit our relatives who lived there on an army base. I also passed through several times on trains in 2003 when I was studying in Europe.


My first visit was a side trip to Paris in 1993. I then returned for three months in spring 2003 to study in Strasbourg, which is a city in the Alsace region, very close to Germany. I hope to have a Europe album up soon so you can see a bit of where I lived for three months, as well as some of the nearby countries I visited.


My first trip was in 1999, and since then, I've spent a ridiculous amount of time in Japan and done some amazing things here, including at least part of 2004, '05, '07, '08, '09, and '10. (It also happens to be where I am as I write this!) I can break my Japanese experiences into three categories. Find out more about them in the album below!

Jessie's Japanese Adventures


I went on a study tour August 2-23, 2002. We went all over the place, from Beijing to the Gobi Desert. Some wealthy, generous person gave a grant to my college and told them to take 12 students to China, and I was one of them. Lucky me! I then went back, this time to Shanghai, for the World Expo in June 2010. You can see pictures and read my trip log at these links:

Photos · Logs: 1 · 2.1 · 2.2 · 3 · 4


When I was studying in France in 2003, we passed through Switzerland on our way to Italy. Hey, we had to change trains there—we were in the station in Basel for 3 hours, so we actually did use Swiss francs and walk on Swiss ground. That counts!


While studying in France, I went to Italy for 10 days in April 2003, during Easter break. We went to Rome, Florence, and Venice. I was really thrilled to see the ancient Roman ruins, and Venice is spectacular!

Vatican City

Hey, it's recognized as a country by the UN, so I get to count it on my list.


We went for a weekend trip to Vienna in May 2003. There are lots of cool palaces there, and some scary catacombs.


This was another weekend trip in May 2003. It's a little country that most people forget about, but if you ever get the chance, go to Luxembourg City. With big valleys and bridges and lots of trees, I found it really striking.


I stayed overnight in Copenhagen twice in June 2003, because the train didn't go all the way from Strasbourg to Uppsala, Sweden in one day. I wish I could have stayed longer, though; it seemed like a cool city.


A friend of mine was studying in Uppsala while I was in Strasbourg, so I went to visit her. Even though I'd read about the Midnight Sun before, I was nevertheless amazed to see with my own eyes how late the sun sets in June!


I have always wanted to visit the Land Down Under, and on April 26, 2008, I finally made it. It was one of the most exciting weeks of my life! I've got a massive album and trip logs here:

Australia 2008: Stories and Pictures

South Korea

I was in South Korea from September 20-23, 2008, during a long weekend while teaching in Japan. The people were really kind to us there, and it was distinctly different from Japan. Nevertheless, because my visit was so short, I didn't make a separate album about it but instead included it in my JET Program album; you can see the pictures in here, or read a bit about my trip here.


From March 20-29, 2009, I went to Gummallapadu Village in Andhra Pradesh, India, as a volunteer through Longitude to help a village of Dalit people build cement brick homes for widows and others in need of better housing. Volunteering abroad was a fantastic experience; I really recommend trying it. If you'd like to see more about my trip, I have (of course) an album and an entry that I originally wrote for the project's blog.

India 2009: Photographs · Blog Excerpt


I took a trip to Southeast Asia during the 2009 Golden Week holiday (May 4-9) with many of the same people from the India trip. Check out the album from that trip here:

Photographs · Travelogues: Day 1 · 2 · 3 · 4-6


We went to Singapore during the 2009 Golden Week vacation, too, since it's right there. Pictures and travelogue (day 3) are included above.

Many thanks to Free Gifts and Animations for the animated flags!

By the way, the photo at left is me on Mt. Fuji in 2005. It was taken by my friend John Rogos and is one of my favorite photos of me ever taken.

Places I Want to Go

Of course I hope I'm not done traveling yet! Here are the places in the world I most want to go. They're in no particular order.

Those are currently at the top of my list, but here are some honorable mentions: Finland (because my backgrounds is half Finnish), Hungary (and I'm a quarter Hungarian), Tanzania, the United Kingdom, Thailand, or Malaysia. In addition to Tanzania (which I'm mentioning for the Serengeti), I also would like to do some volunteer work in sub-Saharan africa that would allow me to really meet real people there, rather than just being a tourist.

U.S. States and Canadian Provinces

I know this seems an afterthought, coming as it does at the end of this page. The truth is that I haven't seen much of my own country—especially not the big tourist attractions. I'd really like to! But for now, here are the U.S. states and Canadian provinces in which I have set foot, with italics denoting a mere stopover on a trip somewhere else:

And that's all I have for now, but stay tuned for more travel adventures! Top