The Carlson Septuplets

The Septs were my very first on-line project, launched on July 11, 1996 along with my first personal web page. Over the years they've been featured on CNN International / Headline News, Software 2010 On-Line Digest, the Des Moines Register, on-line versions of the Los Angeles Times and the Philadelphia Enquirer, Twins Magazine, and even been a favorite web site of some real multiple birth families themselves. It has had hundreds of thousands of hits and has been my most popular web project to date.

Though any new stories I write for the Septuplets are likely to be in novel form and will not be posted on-line (why?), there's loads of content already. The posted stories are nowhere near my current standards, but when I mused about taking them down, I got so many protests from people who are still reading and enjoying them that I scrapped that idea. I've heard from readers as young as a four-year-old whose mom read the Septs' stories to her at bedtime and those as old as 44 who looked forward to each new story, so I hope that whatever your age, you'll take a look.

The site includes many short stories about the world famous Carlson Septuplets over the course of their lives, as well as drawings, fictional newspaper articles (along with the real CNN clip) and other bonus material.

Every now and then I do add new material, mostly in the form of drawings or articles. If you'd like to hear about them, please join the update list.

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