Facts About Multiples
A fantastic site with a very large amount of information on multiple births ranging from twins to quindecaplets, conjoined twins, and families with multiple sets of multiple births.

The Dilley Sextuplets
A really nicely done site about the Dilley family, including some responses to questions from the Dilley kids themselves.

The domain that hosts the Dilley page is named for its informational site about the Dionne Quintuplets. Septuplets and Octuplets
A collection of links to sites dealing with extremely high order multiple births, including current events and sites about specific families. Multiples
Another collection of links related to twins and larger multiple births.

Aka-chan in Nihon
Another story by the creator of the Carlson Septuplets. Chloe Pascal moves to Japan with her family and struggles to find friends in a foreign culture.

Twilight Star
The third story on-line by the Septs' creator. Celeste Selkey's father went traveling and never came back. Years later, a frightening turn of events leads her to discover a strange power she never knew she had, but what will she do with it?

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