The Septuplets' Album

"We're the Carlson Septuplets"
The Septs waving, with their signatures. This is one of the first group pictures of the Carlson Septuplets. I was quite proud of it at the time, because between 1994 and 1997 all I drew of them was individual forward-facing, standing shots.  1997
L to R: According to signatures

Kimono o kite miyo!
Or, in English, "Let's try wearing kimono!" A group of quintuplets in Japan sent the Carlsons these kimono as a gift. When I drew this, I didn't know that if you close your kimono right-over-left as Monica, Molly, and Megan are doing, it means you're dead. Oops. ^^; Foreigners are always making this mistake, of course, but they're still a little embarrassed.  1997
L to R: Mary, Meredith, Monica, Megan, Molly, Michelle, Melissa

An Action Shot
What are these girls so excited about? I don't know, but I do know that they're an enthusiastic bunch all around, so they don't even need a real reason!  1998
L to R: Molly, Megan, Melissa, Michelle, Monica, Meredith, Mary

Built-In Sleepover
The Carlsons can have a pajama party without even inviting anyone else over. Grab some popcorn and join them!  1998
Background, L to R: Michelle, Molly, Meredith, Monica; Foreground, L to R: Melissa, Mary, Megan

Coloring Book
By popular demand, here's a black and white picture of the Septs for you to print and color. I drew this while I was at my Japanese high school in honor of the Septs' seventeenth birthday.  1999
L to R: Monica, Megan, Mary, Meredith, Melissa, Michelle, Molly

College Kids Together Again
As much as the Septs' lives seemed to have changed at graduation, during vacations, they're back home as the same old tightly-knit group. Some things never change. (The "N" on Michelle's sweatshirt is for my old high school. I drew this as a gift for a high school English teacher, who put it on her bulletin board. This isn't accurate to the stories: the Carlsons' high school would have a "W.")  2001
L to R: Melissa, Megan, Meredith, Mary, Michelle, Monica, Molly

At the Beach
For years now the Septs have gone most summers to the Lake Michigan shore with their parents. (The background here is actually a photograph I took in Normandy, but it was the only beach photo I had. It's a little wider than Lake Michigan, but that's all right.)  2003
L to R: Monica, Molly, Megan, Meredith, Melissa, Mary, Michelle

Merry Christmas 1987
The five-year-old Septuplets show off the Care Bear stuffed animals they got for Christmas.  2005
Background, L to R: Molly, Megan, Michelle, Monica; Foreground, L to R: Melissa, Mary, Meredith

Purple Desktop Wallpaper
A 1024x768 desktop wallpaper based on the layout of the site from 2003-06. Or if you don't want wallpaper, just another picture of the Carlson Septuplets. Firefox users: right click on the loaded image, then select "Set As Desktop Wallpaper"  2003 (Wallpaperized 2006)
Left side, L to R: Melissa, Mary, Michelle, Monica in front; Right side, L to R: Molly, Meredith, Megan in front

On a Grassy Slope
Yet another simple group shot, though this time with a simple fully-colored background. Next I'll work on some more interesting poses and settings, but I do still enjoy coloring simple pictures of the Septuplets. 2007
Clockwise from upper left: Mary, Melissa, Meredith, Megan, Molly, Michelle, Monica

Portrait in Black
When it was time to have their senior pictures taken just before the 1999-2000 school year, of course they took a group shot as well, dressed simply and similarly—but not too similarly! 2008
Back row from left: Molly, Megan, Meredith, Michelle; Front row: Mary, Monica, Melissa

Realistic Black and White
This is my first attempt at a realistic drawing of the Septuplets. I'm not entirely pleased with it, but I suppose it's an acceptable start. Melissa turned out the best, I think, though she's not the right size as compared to the others. 2008
L to R: Megan, Melissa, Mary, Michelle, Monica, Molly, Meredith

Individual "SD" style pictures


Gift Art

The Carlson Septuplets are honored to present these gift illustrations from some very kind, talented, and generous artists.

Group Shot by Nic
A very cool shot of the Septs; you can tell who's who by their colors. I love Monica's art supplies in her pocket!
Background, L to R: Meredith, Megan, Michelle; Foreground, L to R: Molly, Melissa, Monica, Mary

Group Shot by Leith
A beautifully done illustration. They have such pretty hair and expressions!
Background, L to R: Molly, Michelle, Melissa; Foreground, L to R: Monica, Mary, Meredith, Megan

Monica by Hathor
I love her shirt. It's just what you might see any of the Septs wearing.

Group Shot by Micha
A colorful picture that has each Sept looking just right!

Another Group Shot by Micha
The artist drew this picture for Earth Day, which the Carlson Septuplets are happy to celebrate!

Molly, Monica, and Melissa by Erin
Three of the Septs in great poses. I love Molly's coat!

Michelle, Megan, Mary, and Meredith by Erin
The remaining four Septs in action. Meredith's performing in a play -- very cool!

Would you like to send the Septuplets an illustration? That would be wonderful! We would love to see your pictures! Our contact information is here.

To help you out in drawing identical septuplets—or just in telling them apart when looking at these pictures!—take a look at our information about the Septuplets' appearances. They each have a unique style of dress and hair which will help you distinguish between them.