The Carlson Septuplets' Stories

The Carlson Septs' story collection is this site's main attraction. The stories are divided into a New Series and an Old Series. I wrote the stories in the Old Series in high school, while I'm writing the New Series now that I've graduated from college. I've changed some details about the Septs' lives in the New Series, so some details mentioned in the Old Series stories may no longer be accurate. I would like to rewrite some of the old stories, so you may see revised versions of them eventually.

These stories are meant for readers of all ages (meant literally, not as a euphemism meaning "just for little kids," though kids are certainly included). Stories with content that parents of young children will want to check are marked PG. See the FAQ for more details on kid-safe content.

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Thank you for reading our stories. We hope you enjoy them!

The New Series


The Writing on the WallPart 1Part 2

Playing with Normal Kids

The Old Series

Rebel on the Slopes

Meredith the Unituplet

The Septuplet Hockey League

My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean


Panicking and Prize Winning

Snowed Out

The Other Side of the Lake

Aliens Among Us

Stereotypes, Suspicion, and Septuplets

Party of the Millennium

Molly's Folly

Look-Alike Chaos

Virginia's Holiday