Megan Carol has been called the sweetest and gentlest of the Septs. Just about everyone likes her, but she counts few as true, close friends. Megan tends to be much quieter than her sisters. She has always been content to sit back and listen rather than fighting to be heard in the crowd. She loves to spend time with her family or those close friends, but she also needs her solitary time. Hard as that may be to find in a home with seven children, she has always managed to do it. If she can't find her own space, she can simply mentally withdraw from the commotion into her own inner space, tuning out the rest of the world. She considers her pets wonderful company: Megan is a tremendous animal lover, and aside from the family's two pet cats (the orange tiger Stripes has adopted Mary in particular, while the long-haired grey Sapphire is most attached to Megan) she has a gecko named Mossy and an African pygmy hedgehog named Quilly Billy who live in the finished basement. Megan spends a lot of time reading, and loves all sorts of books, though historical fiction is her favorite. She utterly detests conflict and can't handle it at all. Fortunately, she's such a peaceful soul (some would say "doormat") that she rarely is involved in an argument herself, but even if it's other people (read: "Melissa and Mary") arguing, she has to retreat to a different room lest it completely drain her.

Megan might be the one most harshly affected by being one of the famous Carlson Septuplets. She struggled the most as a newborn with a lung condition that causes her to be easily winded to this day. Beyond that, because of her shyness, she has always seen the attention as a burden to be avoided as much as possible. Her sisters take care of her in these sorts of situations, however, and in return they can count on warm-hearted Megan taking care of them whenever they need it.