Michelle Carmen has always been laid-back, unlike some of her sisters. It's very hard to faze or provoke her: even if something bothers her, she's good at letting it slide right off. Her claim to fame and individuality has been her athleticism. Though many of the Septs tried a sport or two at some point, Michelle started the earliest and excelled far beyond the rest. There isn't a sport that she won't try, though her favorites are soccer and basketball. With such a hobby you might expect her to be competitive, but she really is not: of course she likes to win the game, but she's more excited about being good at something than better than someone. The Septs have all been energetic girls, and sports are her way to burn that energy.

Except Melissa, Michelle was the only Sept to be fairly popular in high school, due to her athletic talent. When she suffered a break with a popular clique and a corresponding dip in the ranks of the high school social ladder, however, it didn't bother her much because she never sought the popularity in the first place. Michelle takes admiration, for her talents or for being a Septuplet, in stride. She never gets a big head when the adoration is there and never thinks less of herself when it's not. Popular or not, she has always had friends from all different groups among her fellow students. Her coaches say her only fault is that she's too passive, and her friends and family say it wouldn't hurt for her to get upset a little more often—some things are worth fighting for, after all. But above it all, her carefree, casual attitude has served her well in her life as a famous Septuplet, a star athlete, and just as an ordinary girl, which is what she considers herself when she's pressed to consider it at all.