Local couple expecting nation's first sextuplets
The Detroit Free Press (page A1, lower half)

June 3, 1982

A Metro Detroit couple is awaiting the birth of six babies, according to a statement from Sinai Hospital of Detroit.

There have only been two cases of surviving sextuplets in the world. One set, born in 1974, lives in South Africa; the other was born in Italy two years ago. There has not been a recorded sextuplet birth in the United States since the 1800's.

Doctors say that expectant mother, a 33-year-old, has been hospitalized since late last month. "It's a precaution," said Dr. Charles Brooks of the Sinai prenatal care unit. "The mother is in good condition, as are the six babies. We simply don't want to take any chances."

The mother will remain hospitalized until the babies are born. Doctors hope this will not be for several weeks, though it is possible that they could be born any day. This is the 25th week of the pregnancy. A full term pregnancy is 40 weeks.

Multiple births are generally premature; the larger the number of babies, the earlier they are typically born. Premature babies are at risk for numerous complications, including lung problems, feeding difficulties, and long-term disabilities.

The incidence of large multiple births has increased in recent years due to fertility drugs, but doctors report that the mother was not undergoing any fertility treatments.

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