Littlest septuplet upgraded to serious condition; Others also doing well
The Detroit Free Press (page A1, lower half)

July 21, 1982

The smallest of the Carlson septuplets, Megan Carol Carlson, was upgraded to serious condition today after showing signs of recovery from breathing problems.

Megan had been diagnosed with hyaline membrane disease three days ago, a condition in which a newborn's lungs can not inflate properly, but has improved steadily in the past three days.

"We did our best for her, but we can't take all the credit," said Dr. Sandra Pilirez, the doctor overseeing the septuplets' care at Sinai Hospital of Detroit. "Premature babies are extremely unpredictable, and we can't say for sure why she recovered when many with this condition do not."

"We want to thank everyone for their concern, their prayers, and their well-wishes, especially for Megan at this difficult time," said Robin Carlson, the septuplets' mother, speaking publicly about her daughters' health struggles for the first time. "We've truly been blessed by a miracle."

Doctors said that Megan will remain on a respirator for the next few days, but could be moved off of breathing assistance later this week if her condition continues to improve.

Her sister Michelle was upgraded to fair yesterday condition, joining Meredith and Melissa who were upgraded to fair on Saturday and Mary who was upgraded to fair on Sunday. All of the septuplets in fair condition are breathing without assistance. Molly and Monica remain in serious condition but doctors are optimistic about their progress as well, and say they hope to see them upgraded to fair condition sometime this week. Mary, Melissa, and Michelle are also being fed by mouth, though their sisters continue to be fed intravenously.

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