Septuplets reunited at home
USA Today (Page A2)

October 2, 1982

DETROIT — The last of the Carlson septuplets to remain in the hospital, Megan, went home with her parents yesterday.

"We're thrilled that this day has arrived and our family is finally all together at home," said Robin Carlson, the septuplets' mother.

Doctors kept Megan at Sinai Hospital longer than the rest of her siblings because they were concerned about the strength of her lungs. She had a serious breathing disorder in the week after her birth. Though she recovered, she needed help breathing longer than the rest of her sisters. Megan had to be put back on respiratory assistance two days after she was first taken off of it.

"We've been keeping special watch over her since then," said Dr. Sandra Pilirez of the Sinai Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

Megan has been gaining weight steadily. At 6 pounds 2 ounces, she is now well over the limit of 5 pounds each septuplet had to reach before being released. She has also been eating food by mouth reliably, which was another condition.

The last of Megan's sisters to remain in the hospital with her, Monica, went home on September 19. Mary was the first septuplet to go home on August 28.

The Carlson babies, born July 12, are the world's only surviving septuplets.

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