Which Carlson Septuplet are you?

1. You have some free time. Which of these sounds most fun to you?

Wanna play Sonic the Hedgehog? I can beat you at split-screen!
Working on my cure for the common cold. Or possibly just burning some magnesium ribbon.
I'm so gone already -- to the mall to shop with my friends, duh!
Reading, or really anything quiet, away from any kind of commotion. Maybe a cat to keep me company. Or a lizard.
Painting. Or maybe cooking. I wish it was spring so I could work in my garden. I just want to create something!
The good ol' pastime of shooting hoops in the driveway, of course!
I've got to practice my lines for the starring role in the school play! Read the other part for me, okay?

2. Are you an extravert or an introvert? Remember, this doesn't refer to being shy or talkative, but to whether you primarily focus on your own inner world or on your surroundings.


3. What is the greatest use for a computer, in your opinion?

Having intellectual discussions on message boards about important things, like the latest Star Trek movie. It raised important ethical issues!
It's really useful to post your resume on-line; it helps you get places. Also, when I search for my name on Google, I find websites for the organizations I'm in that talk about my accomplishments! Cool!
Leaving Instant Messenger on, with an away message with my cell phone number on it, so that my friends know where I am at any given time. I can't be out of the loop! Oops, Alicia just IMed me -- g2g!!!!
I like to run a website all about my favorite things. I'm also the one in charge of the website for any group to which I belong.
Keeping up to date on all the latest news. (I set it up to e-mail me the latest NCAA Division II standings.)
I like talking to people on-line, because it's a lot easier than doing so off-line. You can't turn off-line people off when you're done with them. E-mail is wonderful.
CGing! Look at the pretty pictures I colored!

4. In which of these areas is (or will be, or was, or would be if you were to go) your major in college?

Performing Arts
Visual Arts
Social Sciences
Science or Mathematics

5. Which shoe suits your style best?

A colorful, clunky sneaker
A strappy sandal with a very high heel
A simple, comfortable Keds' sneaker
An athletic shoe
A suede hiking boot

6. How do you feel about roller coasters?

I can't think of anything more fun! Hands in the air! (Scared? *blinks* Are they supposed to be scary?)
Well...actually, I prefer the antique carousel.
They scare the crap out of me. Which makes them fun.

7. The Septs are going to a movie, but they can't agree on what to see, so they split up into three groups. Of the movies they picked, which would you most enjoy seeing?

Whatever chapter of an epic saga, like Star Wars or Lord of the Rings, happens to be playing. Yay!
A fluffy romantic comedy.
Nothing I want to see is ever playing here. Who wants to go across town to the artsy theater with me?

8. Which kind of book would be your first choice to read for fun?

Historical Fiction or Classic Literature
Contemporary Drama

9. In a conversation, when someone disagrees with you on an issue that you consider important, how do you react?

I clam up and let them say what they want, while fretting quietly to myself.
I can agree to disagree, no problem.
I'm prepared with lots of facts, and I set to work calmly illuminating all the flaws are in their reasoning.
I'd probably get into an emotional debate.

10. Which of these places would you most like to get a part-time job?

Bath and Body Works
Plaster Playhouse
Borders Books and Music
The veterinary clinic
Play-it-Again Sports
Starbucks Coffee
I'd work as a private tutor

11. How can people tell when you are in a good mood?

I sing and bounce and frolic!
I smile and give off a positive aura.
I talk to random people and compliment them.
They can't, because I try to be nice to people no matter how I feel.

12. Which season suits your personality best?


13. If you had a theme song, what kind of song would it be? (An example of a similar song is in parenthesis, though your song would be your own.)

Something surreal and New Age-y that would contain all sorts of emotions, settings, and colors within the music. ("Paint the Sky with Stars" by Enya.)
A Broadway-style song; I'd sing the main line and all my friends would back me up. ("Don't Cry For Me, Argentina" from Evita.)
A cheerful tune with a fast tempo and fun lyrics. It would get stuck in people's heads. ("Seize the Day" from Newsies.)
A pop song sung by a group of super-hot guys, who would seranade me in the flashy music video. It'd be number one on MTV! ("It's Gonna Be Me" by *N Sync.)
Something laid-back and fun, not too serious. ("If I Had $1,000,000" by BNL.)
A gently beautiful classical piece. ("Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring" by Bach.)
A piece that resembles the score of one of my favorite movies. (Theme from "Apollo 13.")

14. Which of these sounds like the best Spring Break desination?

New York City
Camping in the wilderness
A cottage on Cape Cod

15. If you were an ice cream cone, what flavor would you be?

Dark Chocolate Mocha Fudge
Red White & Blue Pop-Rock Swirl
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
Butter Pecan
Vanilla, but I'd be covered in whatever fun toppings you like!

16. What do you like best about yourself?

I'm independent, informed, and I've earned a lot of respect because of it.
I'm very enthusiastic, kinda silly, and just a lot of fun!
I don't freak out easily. I'm calm, cool, and carefree.
I'm cheerful and make friends very easily.
I'm creative, cute, and unique. :)
Well...people tell me I'm sweet. *blush*
Everyone wants to be me! I'm popular, sophisticated and always "with it."

17. Which of these is closest to your biggest fault?

People have said I'm very passive. *shrugs*
I'm aware that people think I'm intimidating, but really, I just speak my mind, it's not my problem. *rolls eyes*
I'm painfully shy.
I have quite a temper: it's not that short, but intense once it's set off.
Okay, so I admit it, my ego is the size of Montana. Not the biggest state in the US, mind you.
People say I'm dizty sometimes. But they're just jealous because I've got style and they majorly don't. Like, seriously!
I'm told I'm somewhat meddlesome.

18. Finally, which label do you think fits you the best? (Most of the Septs would like me to mention that they resent the existence of this question.)

The gentle one.
The trendy one.
The leader.
The sporty one.
The artsy one.
The scientific one.
The dramatic one.

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